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Choosing From The Best Air Conditioning Units: Tips To Ensure Quality

Are you finding that your room is unusually warm or feels more humid than usual? Perhaps you’ve had HVAC maintenance more than a couple of times this year but you’re still struggling with uncomfortable temperatures and high energy bills. If this is the case, it may be time for a new air conditioning unit.

Shopping for a new air conditioning unit can seem daunting, but it’s a simple process once you know a few factors to look out for.

Read on to learn about the best air conditioning units you can purchase today and the qualities you need to look for!

Factors to Consider

Before you start looking into specific brands, here are a few factors you need to consider when it comes to choosing the right air conditioning unit for your home.


The size of an air conditioning unit doesn’t refer to the physical size of the unit–it measures its total cooling capacity. The size is measured in British thermal units per hour (BTU/hr). This is also known as “tons.” A ton of cooling equals 12,000 BTU/hr.

To find the best size air conditioner for your space, you’ll want to calculate the length times the width of the area to be cooled. You’ll then multiply that number by 25 BTU.

It may be tempting to just by the largest air conditioner possible, but remember that air conditioners also remove humidity as well as cool your rooms. Although a larger air conditioner can cool your room in less time, it won’t run long enough to properly remove humidity.

Conversely, you might also want to save money by purchasing a smaller air conditioner unit. However, these units will work harder and run longer to cool the area effectively. This translates into a higher energy bill at the end of the month.


Next, you’ll want to consider the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Efficiency is how much cooling a unit can deliver per one watt of electricity. This is expressed by a seasonal energy-efficiency rating or SEER.

You’ll want to find air conditioning units that have a SEER of 15 or higher, as the minimum rating is 14. The higher the number, you’ll know the more energy efficient that unit is.

Noise Level

One factor that people often forget to take into account is the noise level of their air conditioning unit. How loud a noise the air conditioner makes is measured in decibels (dB). The lower the decibel rating, the quieter the AC.

Right now, the quietest air conditioners you can purchase have decibel ratings of 50 to 60. Purdue University’s Chemistry Department has given examples of how decibel levels translate into real life.

For instance, an air conditioner with a decibel rating of 50 is the equivalent of a quiet conversation. A decibel rating of 70, however, can be as loud as running a vacuum cleaner. This is important to know if your AC unit is located near a bedroom!

Programmable Thermostats

Medium or high-end air conditioning units often come with programmable thermostats that can save you money in the longterm. A programmable thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature of your home based on the settings you’ve previously entered.

For instance, you can program the thermostat to raise while you’re at work to automatically save you money. Then you can lower it for the evening if you prefer cooler temperatures while you sleep. Here are a few different kinds of programmable thermostats:

  • 7-Day – Best for homes with a different schedule each day of the week
  • 5+2 – Best to alter settings for the 5-day work week and the two day weekend
  • Smart – These are Wi-Fi enabled and can be programmed remotely with your phone
  • “Learning” Smart – These thermostats self-program based on regular settings you use

Thermostats can also come with extra features, such as reminders to change the filters, vacation features, digital displays, and backlighting. The best way to determine what kind of thermostat you need is to consider your schedule. For instance, if you have a highly irregular schedule, a smart thermostat that allows you to program your AC remotely may be the best choice for you.

All About Bryant Equipment

On July 17, 1902, the engineer Willis Carrier designed the world’s first modern air-conditioning system. His legacy lives on with the Carrier Corporation that sells high-quality, efficient air conditioning units for homes and businesses. One of their most popular offerings is their Bryant air conditioners.

The Evolution line of Bryant air conditioners of up to 20.5. Even better, their decibel levels range from 56 to 70, so you can find a quiet air conditioner that’s highly energy-efficient.

Once you register your purchase, you’ll be able to enjoy a 10-year parts limited warranty. If you don’t register within 90 days, you’ll enjoy a warranty of 5 years.

A Comfortable and Energy-Efficient Home with the Best Air Conditioning Units

Although purchasing your first air conditioning unit may feel daunting, knowing the size, efficiency, and noise level you need will help you narrow down your choices significantly.

You’ll find that the best air conditioning units have good SEER ratings, low decibel ratings, and even come with programmable thermostats so that you can save even more on your energy costs.

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