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Name That Tune: 7 Common Air Conditioning Sounds and What They Mean

Is Your Air Conditioning System Making Weird Sounds?

HVAC systems are among the most common staples of any household in the USA, with over 90% of residential households having an air conditioning unit installed back in 2018. They’ve helped many families go through the most intense summers by providing a breeze of cool air in the house.

Despite their long-standing reputation and popularity in households, though, most people still know nothing about air conditioning units beyond their basic functions. This is clear when homeowners don’t know what to do when they hear certain air conditioning sounds coming from their units.

While most sounds mean nothing, certain sounds can mean that there’s something wrong with your unit. Read on to find out what the most common sounds are and what they mean for your air conditioning unit. We service Air Conditioning units in the Gainesville, GA area.

1. Banging and Clanking

Banging noises are the most common sounds to come from your air conditioning unit. This is because it means there’s something loose in your unit. It may be something minor like a loose nut or bolt that fell into the unit.

It can also be an important part that came loose and disconnected itself. Parts like the connecting rod and piston pin are often the parts that carry the most strain. This means they’re easy to fall off if you don’t fasten them.

It can also mean that the compressor unit of your device needs replacement. AC Compressors have many small parts that are essential for proper operation. With the constant movement the compressor does, these parts can loosen and cause the unit to make banging sounds.

If it’s a clanking noise, it means that there’s a bigger part loose in your unit. The compressor itself may need examination or replacement. Other parts like the indoor blower, or the outdoor fan or its blades need rebalancing.

2. Constant Buzzing Noise When Turned On

Hearing a buzzing noise from your unit can mean many things. It can mean the fan blades of the motor or the indoor and outdoor elements are loose again. This causes some buzzing because certain metal parts are touching other parts that they shouldn’t be.

Electrical currents will run through the 2 pieces of metal and cause the buzzing noise. Other metal parts can also cause a buzzing sound because of this. Loose parts aren’t the only cause for buzzing noises, though.

Buzzing noises can also mean that you need to clean the condenser coils. Dirty condenser coils can cause the unit to be inefficient at its task. Cleaning the dust and other debris out can help you lower your energy bills.

Buzzing can also be because of refrigerant leaks. This means that the coolant is leaking from your unit. This can cause it to not cool the air it blows around the room.

There are many reasons for the buzzing noise to exist in your unit. This can make it hard to determine the cause of the sound. An experienced repair service worker can figure this out faster and help you sooner.

3. High-Pitched Squealing Noises

High-pitched squealing is a sign of high levels of pressure in your air conditioning unit. High internal pressure can cause some harm to your unit, but nothing that can lead to permanent damages. It still calls for your attention, though.

A squealing noise can be because your belt is experiencing some problems. It may face a lot of friction and cannot move as fast as it wants to. Replacing it and clearing out the surrounding element can solve this.

This can also mean the compressor has high levels of pressure. The squealing is often an alarm set by the machine to warn you. It will stop the processes since continuing will be detrimental to the unit.

Replacing the compressor should fix the problem. Cleaning it will only cause the squealing to come back on a later date.

4. Humming and Clicking Sounds

If you hear a constant humming while the unit is on, then it can mean that something’s lodged inside it. The vibration of the device can cause the lodged item to vibrate inside it, too. This will cause a loud humming noise that can annoy you.

This isn’t that harmful by itself. If you hear some constant clicking, though, then it can mean trouble. Clicking noises can mean that you have a defective thermostat or control interface.

Getting these air conditioning sounds fixed is essential for your unit’s durability. Leaving them alone can cause more problems along the line.

5. Rattling and Chattering

Rattling noises can mean that your unit is deteriorating from age. They are long-lasting machines, but constant use can still wear them down. You must still check the inside, though, as it can only be something loose in your device.

Rattling noises can also be because there are foreign elements loose in your unit. You can often find twigs inside your AC unit can also cause rattling noises. This is because they’re small enough to fit through the outdoor elements of the unit.

6. Wet Gurgling Noises

If wet noises are coming from your air conditioner, it can mean that something is clogging the drain line. This can cause your refrigerant to accumulate on the draining tray.

This will cause it to gurgle because it has nowhere to go. The gurgling noises can also be because your unit is leaking. Checking for leaks can save you from expensive problems further down the line.

7. Thumps

If you hear any thumping when you turn your AC on, it can mean that the fans are hitting something. This can be dangerous as it can destroy the unit if you don’t fix it. What’s great is that you can fix this with ease.

All you need to do is open the unit and readjust the fan. It can fall again, though, causing it to dull and wear down. This can make it less efficient at blowing air around the area.

Identify the Common Air Conditioning Sounds Today

The common air conditioning sounds will alarm and worry any homeowner. After reading his guide you now have a handle on the causes of these sounds.

Are you hearing something serious and are looking for experienced repair services? Contact us here for reliable air conditioner repair services in Gainesville today!

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