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Common Heating Problems in Gainesville During the Winter

Common Heating Problems in Gainesville During the Winter

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Discovering that your heater or furnace isn’t working is an unpleasant surprise, especially during the middle of winter. While all heating systems must be replaced eventually, some issues can be resolved without taking such drastic steps. In this guide, we’ll highlight some of the most common home heating problems encountered by our Gainesville, GA, customers.

What Causes Furnaces to Fail?

Our customers often ask why their heaters aren’t working, and there may be several different answers to this question. Home heating systems are quite complex, and they require a significant level of maintenance. These systems consist of hundreds of moving parts, and all of them can cause problems when they stop working. For instance, the air filter may need to be changed, the heat exchanger may be cracked, or the blower motor may need to be replaced. Furnace maintenance is an important step here in Gainesville, and if yours isn’t working as well as it should, call us for an evaluation.

Now that we’ve discussed some of the reasons for heating system failure, we’ll go over a few of the problems that lead our customers to call us for service.

The System Blows Cold Air

If your heater is putting out cold air, the solution may be a simple one. Just check the thermostat and ensure it’s set properly. However, if the issue persists, it may be due to:

• A dirty or torn air filter that needs to be replaced will affect the system’s performance
• Leaking ductwork that lets outdoor air into the home and causes the system to work harder
• An unlit pilot light that’s due to a gas flow issue or a valve that’s shut off
• A lack of fuel (electricity, oil, or gas) that will cause a system to run improperly

If you’ve checked for these issues and none seem to be occurring, contact us for a thorough and professional heating system evaluation.

The Unit Won’t Stay Lit

Newer furnaces may not have pilot lights; rather, they use electronic ignitions. These units use flame systems to ensure that fuel doesn’t flow when the heater isn’t on. Sensors often get dirty or need replacement, and it’s important to look for these issues when performing a pre-season inspection.

The Heater Won’t Turn Off

If your home’s heating system won’t turn off, check the thermostat. It should be set to “auto” rather than “on” so the furnace will turn off when the desired temperature is reached. In other cases, furnaces keep running because of broken thermostats or malfunctioning blowers. In either instance, it’s best to leave the repairs to a qualified professional.

Inconsistent Heating

If the system is distributing heated air to some parts of the home and not others, it may be due to inadequate ductwork or a dirty air filter. Check the filter for debris and change it if necessary. If the filter is clean or replacing it doesn’t solve the problem, the ductwork may be to blame. Contact us to learn how we can fix your ductwork issues and help heat your Gainesville home more consistently.

Non-Functional Controls

If you can’t control the furnace, there may be a thermostat problem. Again, ensure that the thermostat is set to the desired temperature, then replace its battery to see if that helps. As a last resort, you can reset it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When that doesn’t work, call us for a fast and easy thermostat replacement.

The Fan Isn’t Working

When the furnace’s fan doesn’t come on, check the thermostat setting first. Then, look at the air filter and change it if needed; a dirty air filter may cause the fan to stop working completely. Check the circuit breakers to ensure they’re on, and if that doesn’t work, the issue may be too complex for you to address. Call us for fast, friendly, and reliable service in the Gainesville area.

Burning Odors

A burning smell or the presence of smoke is a clear indicator of a serious problem. If the furnace smells like it’s burning, shut it off right away, as leaving it on may increase the risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. After you’ve turned the unit off and cleared the area, give us a call for emergency service.

A Blown Fuse

Blown fuses are another common cause of home heating issues. Check the furnace’s fuses and ensure that they haven’t blown. This normally happens after an electrical short, which may be due to low-quality wiring or system overload. If there’s a blown fuse, make sure you’re not overworking the home’s electrical system.

Short Cycling

When a unit short cycles, it turns on and off in rapid succession, resulting in inconsistent heating. This issue may be caused by:

• A dirty air filter
• A unit that’s too big
• The thermostat’s placement

Home heating systems are designed to function optimally when they’re on for a minimum of 15 minutes, as shorter runs may affect the heat exchanger’s operation.

Poor Maintenance

Just like other machines, your home’s heating system needs occasional maintenance to work at peak efficiency. Pre-season furnace maintenance and regular inspections do much to prevent expensive breakdowns. Contact us today to schedule a fall furnace tune-up.

Units That Are Too Old

Heating systems have ways of telling us when things go wrong. When your furnace reaches the end of its lifespan, it may send signals in the form of reduced efficiency or limited function. The average furnace lasts 12 to 15 years, and if yours is about that age, we can help you install a new one.

A High Energy Bill

Dirty or clogged air filters can affect your quality of life in many ways, with utility spending being a major factor. A dirty air filter may increase your energy bill by 15% or more! No one wants to spend more than they must, but you can prevent it by changing your filter regularly.

If your Gainesville home is fitted with a swamp cooler, be sure to put a damper in the ductwork leading up to it. Otherwise, the heated air your system makes will escape—and you will waste money and energy.

Get in Touch With Us

While heating repair is a great way to prolong a system’s lifespan, it’s just not worthwhile in certain cases. Sometimes, it makes more sense to replace an old, worn-out unit than it does to continue fixing it. For complex repair jobs, it’s best to consult us at [company_name] rather than doing the work yourself. Our trained technicians can perform comparisons that help you find the most cost-effective option.

Whether you want to repair or fix a forced-air furnace or a mini-split system, our technicians at [company_name] are highly trained to meet your expectations. We also offer cooling repair and new system installations. Our company has been in business in Gainesville for over 30 years, and we have achieved a 5-star Google rating and A+ BBB rating proving our dedication to excellent customer service. We also offer cooling repair services. Contact us today!

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