Whenever there’s something wrong with your AC system, the first thing that you should do is call Gee Heating & Air for AC repair in Braselton, GA.

Rely on our professionals to restore your AC unit back to its original shape. Based on the issues that you report, like inconsistent or inadequate cooling or strange and weird noises, our team at Gee Heating & Air will be able to figure out what might be wrong. From there, we’ll be able to propose several solutions that fit different budgets and needs.

It’s not unusual for AC systems to fail with time. Even if you get them serviced every year, they will still eventually fail. Common problems include dirty air filters, loose parts and shifted components, frozen evaporator coils, refrigerant leaks, and cracks in the ductwork. The cost of the air conditioner repair will vary depending on numerous factors, like the extent of the damage, the types of parts that are involved and the amount of effort and labor that’s needed.