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7 Tips For Choosing The Right HVAC Company To Replace Your Air Conditioning system

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Whether your home comfort system has finally gone out, planning for the system to go out or just looking to upgrade you will need an HVAC contractor to install your next system. If you are in this boat you may want to keep in mind these 7 tips in choosing the right contractor for you.

1.Make Sure They Are Properly Licensed And Insured.

Be sure to ask for the company State Conditioned Air License to make sure they have been licensed by the Georgia State Licensing Board, this will ensure the contractor you decide to go with has been certified and licensed to install your system. The state of Georgia actually requires a state license by law to purchase and install HVAC comfort systems. Also while you ask for the contractor to show you their Conditioned Air Licenses go ahead and ask for a proper and updated certificate of insurance to make sure they are properly insured in case something were to go wrong with your installation and service.

This is our number one tip because it is most important to your safety and will give you the ease of mind when selecting a Gainesville, GA area HVAC company.

‍Pro Tip: Be sure to actually ask for the Conditioned Air License number and call the state to verify that this license is active and connected to this company.

2. Look For A Company With A Long-Standing History In Your Community.

I wanna state this before I start, Just because a company has been around for many years doesn’t exactly mean they are the best in your area. However, A company that has remained open for numerous amount of years in your community means they have seen every situation your project may require, they have a name in the community to protect and lastly they probably wouldn’t be in business if they weren’t offering a great service to your company. In short, HVAC Contractors that have been around for a while usually have a reputation that can easily be discovered by asking other community members. This is something a new company wouldn’t be able to offer. Another thing to consider, a new Air Conditioning and the Heating system typically comes with at least a year labor warranty backed by the HVAC contractor that you hired so when you use a long-standing company you know they are more likely to be open for the duration of that labor warranty.

Pro Tip: Also research how that company may give back to the community.

3. Provides Comfort Solutions Designed Specifically For Your Home.

When you inquire for a Free Estimate from a company, make sure the person they send out is designing a system that is the correct size for your home. You would be surprised how many home systems are incorrectly sized which will cause short cycling if it’s too large or if it’s too small it will continuously run causing your power bill to increase. The perfect-sized system will ensure proper run time. Also, be sure to ask about the humidity control features that he may have available. In Georgia, our biggest comfort issue is humidity. This should be a top priority for the next Air Conditioning system. Consider options such as variable-speed motors, multiple stage compressors and fully communicating systems to better control humidity and save on power bills.

Pro Tip: Discuss Humidity Controlling options with the HVAC Contractor to make your home more comfortable and save on power bills.

4. Read Online Reviews

This is simple really, simply go to Google and type in the HVAC Contractor you are searching for example: “(insert HVAC Contractor here) in Gainesville, Georgia (or whatever city they are located in)” and hit search. You should be able to find Google reviews, yelp reviews and plenty of other reviews regarding that company. Read through the many reviews and see what others are saying about their experience with that company.

5. Sells Premium Quality Equipment

When talking with a company to replace your system, ask for pictures and details of the systems they will be installing. Ask about the manufacturing process of the system. We suggest this to make sure the company you are using has researched the brand they choose to sell to their customers. Also, you wanna make sure when you are choosing a contractor that the prices they present you are comparing similar quality products. A top-notch brand and manufacturing process will test their products numerous times before leaving the factory, this ensures the system and the system’s components are working before they are installed at your home. This will save you future headaches having to correct factory errors.

6. Factory-Authorized By The Equipment They Sell

It’s important your system is installed exactly the way they manufacture designed for the system. Many brands have factory authorized programs that ensure a contractor is certified and trained on installing their systems. We recommend that you look for companies that have this authorization. Many programs will include great perks for choosing one of their authorized contractors such as 100% Satisfaction Guarantees and Extended Warranties, all backed by the manufacture. These authorizations are very tough to come by as they usually require rigorous training classes, background checks, company insurance verification, factory satisfaction surveys, and much more. Choosing a Factory Authorized dealer will give you peace of mind that whatever system is installed is done correctly.

Pro Tip: Be sure to verify a company is actually Factory Authorized by asking for proof

7. Look For Solutions Over Lowest Price

Lastly, look for solutions when replacing your next system. Go ahead and write down issues you have with your current system such as noise issues, one room hotter or colder than others, home seems to be very humid and sticky, or any other issues you would like addressed. Also, go ahead and think about things you would like to have on a new system such as the ability to control it from your smartphone, touch screen thermostat, cleaner air, lower power bill, or anything else you may want with news system. So when the time comes for the contractor to stop by for a free estimate you can hand them these issues and your wish list to see what solutions he has to offer. I would highly recommend choosing who you use based on the solutions they offer rather than looking for the lowest price. The lowest price may not provide solutions to your issues that your home is experiencing. Always look to solutions and choose companies that take the time to care to provide them.

We hope these tips help your journey in selecting an HVAC contractor to help you with your next project!?

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