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10 Surprising Reasons Your AC Electric Bill May Be High

You enjoy staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter? But what do you do when your ac bill is getting higher and higher, and you don’t know why? When it comes to your ac electricity bill, there can be multiple reasons for your bill to be high.

In this article, we will detail the most surprising reasons that your bill may be higher than you expected it to be.

1. Always Running The Air Conditioner

Some people set their thermostats at a temperature that keeps their home cool without having the ac running all the time. The more time your air conditioner spends running, the more money it costs you.Surprising Reasons Your AC Electric Bill May Be High

We recommend choosing a thermostat that you can program to run correctly, and when the house has reached the optimal temperature, it will turn off instead of continuously running.

2. Your Unit Is Old

Another reason that you may not realize is costing you money is having a unit that is old and in need of repair. For example, if your unit isn’t big enough to accommodate the size of your home and is old, it may be working harder to cool the entire house.

The harder the air conditioner works, the more energy and electricity it uses. If your unit needs repair, then it may also cause your unit to work overly hard. For example, having a leak that causes Freon to pour out will contribute to a higher electric bill.

3. You’re Not Performing Regular Maintenance

When you have an air conditioning unit, you must perform regular maintenance on the unit. If you don’t know what routine maintenance entails, then hiring a professional to complete it is the next step.

One thing that you can do is ensure that there is no water leaking from the unit. If the water remains around the unit without being cleaned, it can lead to mold that eventually can cause issues for you and your family.

It would help if you had your unit serviced at least 1-2 times a year.

4. Paying For Stuff, You Don’t Use

Have you ever wondered what the extra light switch in your home controls, but notice that it is always flipped on. This is known as a vampire electric when you’ve got electrics that your not using either turned on or plugged into the wall.

For example, when you’re not using your cell phone charger or a hair straightener, it should be unplugged because when it’s plugged in, it still uses energy.

5. Using the Wrong Light Bulbs

It’s a given that we need light to see when we are searching our home for something, but the use of overhead lights can cost you more money than you anticipated. If you can replace your lights with one of the various energy saving bulbs that are offered today.

You can also consider using lamps because they save more money than the use of an overhead light.

6. Windows That Aren’t Sealed

When your windows aren’t sealed properly, it can let all of the cool air out of your home. This will lead to your air conditioning unit, working harder to replace the air that’s being lost.

If you’re unsure if the windows aren’t sealed, you can always have a professional take and look and make repairs if necessary. If your handy at doing it yourself projects, there are plenty of videos on the internet that can walk you through a step by step how-to guide to make the necessary repairs.

7. Running Your Dishwasher Half-Full

If your dishwasher isn’t full and you run it anyway, you’re taking your money and throwing it down the drain. The same applies to your washer and dryer. If they aren’t full, then you’re wasting money.

Before using appliances such as these, ensure that they are full to make the most of each use because these appliances use a lot of money. When you run it only when it’s I’ll, you’ll also reduce the number of times that you run the machines.

8. Drastic Weather Changes

When the weather outside changes too drastically, it doesn’t give your home enough time to adjust its internal temperature causing your unit to become confused.

Instead of reacting to a drop or spike in temperature, keep the thermostat at a steady temperature, and resist the urge to change it based on the weather outside. Constantly changing the temperature will cause your electricity bill to soar through the roof.

9. Keeping Devices Plugged In For Too Long

Once your computer or cellphone is fully charged, it should be unplugged immediately. Leaving the electronics plugged in will only use unnecessary energy and increase your electric bill.

Your phone only needs a maximum of 2-3 hours to charge before it needs to be unplugged completely. If you’re looking to charge your phone more energy efficiently, you can slowly set your phone to charge over a specified period.

Once this period is over, you’ll need to unplug your phone and the wall’s charging device.

10. Close The Windows

If your planning on spending the day with your doors and windows open, ensure that you turn your ac off. The airflow from outside accompanied with the coolness inside will confuse the unit causing it to work harder.

If you plan on using your air conditioner during the day, set the temperature, and ensure that all of the windows and doors are closed. This will allow you to enjoy the summer breeze without increasing your bill.

Keeping Your AC Electricity Bill Low

When it comes to things that may be causing your ac electricity bill to increase, all of the possibilities are listed above. You’ve got to remember to unplug appliances that aren’t being used and perform regular repairs and updates on appliances that you do use.

If you’re looking for a reliable company that has more than 30 years of experience in this industry to service your ac unit, contact us or book online now. We specialize in the evolution systems that have multi-stage compressors allowing for consistent airflow no matter what the temperature is outside. The system utilizes humidity control to help reduce your electricity bill.

You can trust us to install this specialized system and repair any problems your system may have. We’ll have your home cooled off in no time.

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