If you need professional AC Installation in Gainesville, GA, the expert team at Gee Heating & Air is always here to help. Few things can be more frustrating than having your old AC unit suddenly quit in the middle of summer. When this happens, it is essential that you seek help from a professional cooling company to ensure the job is done right. We specialize in air conditioning installation and have the knowledge and experience to ensure your home stays cool and comfortable on even the hottest days.

Professional AC Installation Team in Gainesville

The summer weather in Georgia can be downright brutal. The extreme heat and high humidity make it essential that your home has adequate air conditioning. Without it, your home can quickly become miserably hot and humid and almost unlivable.

Your existing air conditioner has a limited lifespan. Most AC units will last from 10 to 15 years. With regular maintenance, you may be able to extend this by a few years. Nonetheless, there will eventually come a time when your need your air conditioner replaced.

Age isn’t the only factor to consider when deciding whether to replace your air conditioner. If your energy costs are rising from year to year, installing a new air conditioner can solve this problem. Similarly, if your unit needs more frequent repairs or no longer evenly or adequately cools your home, it is definitely time for an upgrade.

As your AC unit ages, it will usually begin to suffer from more issues and need more frequent and potentially more costly repairs. Efficiency also tends to decrease with age, which means you’ll end up paying more and more to keep your home cool. For these reasons, it usually makes more sense to replace your AC before it completely fails instead of attempting to squeeze every bit of life out of it.

Not only will this make it easier to keep your home cool, but it also ensures you won’t suddenly find yourself without AC. If your air conditioning goes out in the middle of the summer, you might have to bear the heat and humidity for days or even weeks until you can finally get a new AC unit installed.