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9 Incredible Benefits of Installing a Smart Thermostat

Saving on your monthly energy bills, controlling your thermostat remotely, tracking your energy usage, these are some of the many major perks of installing a smart thermostat in your home.

If you’re vacillating between keeping your old, outdated thermostat, and upgrading to a new smart thermostat, here are 9 incredible benefits of installing a smart thermostat that you just might want to read up on.

1. Cut Your Bills

Unfortunately, Georgians tend to pay a bit more than the average American on their monthly energy bills. Based on data from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), Georgians average $126.38 a month in energy costs.

$126 bucks a month could buy more than a few meals out…

Installing a smart thermostat can cut your monthly energy bill by anywhere from 10-23% each month. That’s money right back in your wallet, and over the course of a single year, those percentages add up.

You’re looking at saving well over $130 each year on energy bills alone. Put your smart thermostat to good use and it will easily pay for itself within a year.

2. Control Your Home’s Temperature Remotely

Left home for the day and realized you left the AC pumping? Not to worry, you don’t have to throw money down the drain. Simply use your smart thermostat app to adjust the temperature from your phone.

A smart thermostat gives you the ability to control your home’s temperature from anywhere.

3. Create a Heating and Cooling Schedule

Did you know that you can save even more money on your energy bills by lowering your home’s temperature at night when you’re snug under your covers? You can also cut costs by raising the temperature when you leave for work every morning.

The best way to set this ideal, money-saving AC schedule? Install and use a smart thermostat!

Your smart thermostat lets you set a schedule and automate temperature changes in your home. That way, you don’t have to remember to drop the AC every night before bed–your smart thermostat will do it for you and save you money while it does. Win-win.

4. Save the Planet

With a more controlled temperature in your home, there will be less energy waste. A smart thermostat lets you do your part in saving our planet.

Lowering your energy costs and reducing the amount of unnecessary energy used to heat and cool your home will help you take one step closer to making your home and lifestyle a little greener.

5. Improve Your Home Value

If you’re looking to sell in the near future or simply want to improve the value of your home, a smart thermostat is a less-expensive investment that will help.

According to research, having a more energy-efficient and modern home is not only good for builders and buyers, but it’s also extremely helpful for those looking to sell. Energy-efficient homes tend to have a higher resale value.

They also appeal more to modern home buyers. Installing a smart thermostat can be a much more financially smart move to increase your home’s value than dropping thousands on other home improvements or upgrades.

6. Track Your Spending

Every month you don’t find out your energy bill until it arrives in your mailbox. With a smart thermostat, there are no more unpleasant surprises. A smart thermostat and its accompanying app let track your energy usage and costs live.

The app your smart thermostat is typically paired with allows you to look at your energy use any time and make adjustments if necessary.

This way, you can see right when your usage is spiking and better understand what adjustments to make so you can save even more money. Maybe those hot showers were a bit long…

7. It Looks Good

This may seem like a silly perk of installing a smart thermostat, but for those individuals who take the aesthetics of their home seriously, it’s an important one. Smart thermostats not only look nicer than a clunky, old, plastic box sticking out of your wall, but they come with a high-tech allure as well.

If simply making your home look nicer is important to you, than installing a smart thermostat is a great move.

8. Easier To Use And Understand

One of the many benefits of installing a smart thermostat is that they are user-friendly. Even if you consider yourself someone who is not “techy,” all smart thermostats come with a large user interface so you can easily tell what the temperature is, how to adjust it, and what other controls there are.

No more trying to squint to read the controls or accidentally turning the heat on instead of the AC. The large, touchable controls make using your smart thermostat easy for anyone.

9. Adjust Temperatures Automatically Based On Weather

Did a sudden rainshower lower the temperatures outside while you were away? Did a summer heatwave throw your AC into hyper-drive? No worries, you can set your smart thermostat to adjust automatically when drastic changes in the outside temperature occur.

Some smart thermostats come with sensors that can tweak the temperature in your home based on the most recent changes in weather. You won’t even have to give it a thought.

Installing A Smart Thermostat Today

If you’re yet to be convinced that installing a smart thermostat is really the best option for saving money, saving the planet, and saving your peace of mind, then let our professionals answer any questions you may still have.

Contact us today and learn what else a smart thermostat can do for you. Or, find out about our many other heating and cooling services offered in your area.

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