Heating maintenance in Suwanee, GA includes a thorough inspection of the inside and outside components of your heating system. At Gee Heating & Air, we look for signs of leaks, check the condition of the air filters, realign all shifted parts and components, monitor the condition of every part, tighten all loose screws and bolts and complete a thorough cleaning of the nooks and crannies. By the time that we’re done, your heating system will be just as efficient as the day that you bought it.

We highly recommend that you schedule a heating tune-up in Suwanee at least once a year although you might want to get your system checked out more often if it is an older unit or if you notice signs of inefficiencies during the year. For example, you should schedule an appointment immediately if you notice cold spots in the room. A functioning and efficient unit should be able to quickly warm up the entire room with ease.