Gee Heating & Air proudly serves the residents of Alpharetta, GA with heating and air assistance. Alpharetta, located in Fulton County, is home to just over 65,000 residents and is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. It’s home to many unique events and annual festivals, such as the Taste of Alpharetta, an annual food-centered festival, and The Scarecrow Harvest, a unique autumn event.

Alpharetta sees a variety of weather throughout the year, ranging from mild winters with chilly evenings to hot and humid summer days full of sun. At Gee Heating & Air, we’re ready and prepared for any kind of weather and want to make sure you are as well. We have the HVAC service you need to stay comfortable all year round.

Trusted Alpharetta Heating and Air Repair

One minute your furnace or air conditioner is running just fine. Then out of nowhere, it shuts down, leaving your home uncomfortable and, in some cases, unsafe. Our team knows how frustrating and worrisome it feels to be without heat or air. That’s why we’re here to fix the problem for you as quickly as possible. Whether you’ve noticed poor airflow and uncomfortable temperatures in your home or you’ve noticed that your HVAC unit won’t start up at all, we have a technician able to solve your problem.